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About Gene Carr
Santee Selena Futurity. A love for horses and for horse people, Gene Carr has dedicated his life to the promotion of responsible horse ownership and horse breeding. More than just a list of accomplishments, Gene offers education, advice, encouragement and some great stories for all horse lovers.

Breeder of the Following Breeds and Dates of Beginning:
  • Appaloosa – 1961
  • Quarter Horse – 1958
  • POA – 1964

  • 2004 South Dakota Horseman Of The Year
  • Inducted into the PTHA Judges Hall of Fame in 2006
  • POA Honors
  • POA Hall of Fame
  • POA Diamond Premier Breeder (0nly six breeders have achieved this in the history of the breed.)

Major Shows Judged:
  • National Appaloosa Championship Show
  • Appaloosa World Championship Show
  • APHA World Championship Show
  • National Pinto Championship Show
  • 1997 IBHA World Championship Show
  • 2003 ABRA World Championship Show
  • AMHA National Championship Show
  • European Appaloosa Championship Show
  • European Paint Championship Show
  • Belgium National Appaloosa Championship Show
  • Netherlands Fall WRAN Championship Show
  • German Open Championship Show
  • 2004 Netherlands Appaloosa Championship Show
  • 2004 Netherlands Paint Championship Show
  • 2004 Australian National Appaloosa Championship Show
  • 2004 Australian National Palouse Pony Championship Show
  • 2004 European Appaloosa Championship Show
  • 2004 IBHA World Championship Show
  • 2004 French National Appaloosa Championship Show
  • 2004 French National APHA Championship Show
  • 2004 French National AQHA Championship Show
  • 2006 Pinto Horse World Championship Show
  • 2006 European Appaloosa Championship Show

Horse Sales – Pedigree and Bloodline Research Announcer
  • World Appaloosa Championshiip Sale
  • Twin Cities Horse Sales
  • Barrett Horse Sale
  • Corsica Horse Sale
  • South Dakota Quarter Horse Association Horse Sales
  • North Dakota Quarter Horse Association Horse Sales
  • Ray Sutton Quarter Horse Sale
  • Pony of the Americas International Sale
  • Utah POA Sale
  • Sioux Empire Breeders Appaloosa Production Sale
  • Sioux Empire Farm Show Horse Sale
  • Driftwood Quarter Horse Sale

  • Dakota State University
  • South Dakota State University
  • University of Utah
  • University of South Dakota
  • Harvard University

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